August 11 – A Plan for the Future

Proverbs 22: 6 (NLT)

“Direct your children onto the right path,
    and when they are older, they will not leave it.”

I love this verse. I think I’ve thought of this verse often ever since my kids were little – hoping and crossing my fingers it was true. I know – faith isn’t about crossing your fingers. But, that desperate hope down deep inside many of us parents is sort of like that. You do your best and hope your kids will turn out all right.

Now that I’m older, and I’ve seen my kids grow up and am now watching my grandkids grow up, and I’ve seen my friends’ kids grow up and their grandchildren … you get what I mean. I look at that verse and know in my heart and experience that it’s true.

Now that doesn’t mean that you won’t have some bumps along the way, worries and heartaches, but what children learn in those early years really does shape them significantly. So face the future confidently, and put all your energy into what you are doing now. Think about the values you want your children to have. It might even be a good idea for you to write them down to make sure you have them straight in your own mind. Then pray and ask for God’s help to live out those values in front of your children, and look for interesting ways to teach and reinforce them with your young ones.

Recently I talked with a group of parents about a series on parenting that they thought was excellent. The videos are short and entertaining, but full of good content. I’ve seen a couple of them, and thought they were good as well. You can access it on YouTube, and I’d recommend watching it with your partner.

Intentional Parenting by Doug Fields

You can access it on RightNowMedia OR on YouTube


3 Replies to “August 11 – A Plan for the Future”

  1. Audrey, you should publish a book of your meditations ! Yes !!
    A thought for every day !
    You do a great job.
    My grandfather recommended we should read a chapter of proverbs every day !

  2. Thank you so much Audrey for the daily devotional and for being focused today on our life with our little kids Proverbs 22:6 and you are right because I am sure all the parents have thought of this verb every day. Thanks for the link that you are sharing with us as well. I really love to read family proverbs

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