Community Groups

Are a way to connect with each other and to the church through study, prayer and care for each other. This includes sermon based studies, topical electives, and bible study.

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LSA Community Group Survey

Thank you for completing the survey about small groups.

Here are the results for you to look over.

Have you ever been in a small group at a church? Yes – 90% No – 10%  
Would you appreciate groups formed in specific local areas? Not Important – 58% Important – 40%  
How far would you drive to a group? 10 kms – 45% 20 kms – 27% 5 kms – 24% 30 kms – 7%  
Would you like small/community groups to be based on specific life situations. Check off any of the situations listed below that you would like personally. People of similar age – 57% Only Women – 48% Couples – 38% Only men – 16% Families with teens – 12% Families with young children – 11%  
There are several possible reasons for having small groups. From the suggestions below, please rate each of them from most important to least important. The percentages reflect the percentages for most important. Bible Study – 65% Caring for each other – 45% Topical Study – 40% Sermon-based study – 35% Being involved in community projects – 30% Interest groups – e.g. photography, gardening, etc. – 30%