LSA Church has always known we were created to exist in community with each other. We cannot do life alone. We created what we call our LSA Pathway to engage, equip and empower people to live healthy lives in growing community.

Our LINK events like Pizza with the Pastor, Fall Festival and Holiday Hello are where our Pathway begins – fun events where newcomers have the opportunity to get to know our people and our team of pastors, ask questions and have fun. As with most things at LSA, it is an informal time of hanging out  together!

Our CORE courses are designed to grow healthy individuals and thriving small groups. Alpha, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Emotionally Healthy Relationships and The Battle address key areas of growing in Christ – salvation, emotional, relational and spiritual health, and spiritual warfare.  LSA endeavors to grow healthy leaders because we know when a leader gets better, our community gets better. Built into our core courses is leadership development  which gives you the tools you  need to live out Jesus’ purpose for your life in the local and global community.