Connect and Grow!

LSA has established a pathway for growth, we believe momentum is key in spiritual development.
The first pathway course is Alpha. We learn the basics of Christianity. We learn about God and one another. Alpha is a safe and encouraging place to ask all questions as we learn about our faith and life.

From Alpha, we move into EHS (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality). This course allows us to know ourselves better, to heal hurts and to move forward in authentic and honest ways.

In order to carry our newfound emotional health into our relationships, we encourage the next step, EHR (Emotionally Healthy Relationships.) Eight bible-centered skills are outlined that will help us break through relational roadblocks and grow us into mature Christians who can love others, even in difficult situations.

After EHS, we enter The Battle where we learn about the spiritual world we live in and God’s plan for us not to fight for victory but how to fight sin and disease from the victory that has already been won in Christ.

It is our hope that as you move through these engaging equipping and empowering courses, new relationships will be established and you will continue to meet together regularly utilizing resources on ‘Right Now Media’  or meet on line to discuss the previous weeks sermon referencing our weekly bulletin notes. To subscribe to Right Now Media please email us @

This body of Christ needs you, and welcomes you to connect and grow together.