December 27 – Look to the Son

This week, we’re welcoming back two writers who have taken some time off – Brittany McCann and Becky Ferguson. You’ll enjoy their devotions on hope for the coming year.

As the year comes to a close a common theme will challenge you to slow down – focus on the coming of the Christ. Yet, it feels contradictory at times, as things all around us truly ramp up at Christmas, then there’s New Year’s parties and goals etc. Most of us have time off, we’re running to family gatherings, shopping and getting it all done. What does stopping, reflecting, or pausing look like in such a hurried time of year? Perhaps it begins with being. Being who you are with the people that support who you are becoming. Perhaps it is taking a second to look inward, to check in with yourself, I am the me I want to be right now? Or this coming year? Is that who God put me on earth to be? God put Jesus on earth to be the beacon, the way maker, the life guide. He came as humbly as they could come but making the biggest impact. When gazing at the possibilities of the New Year, maybe you’ll have a second to humbly check in with yourself. If I looked at 2022 through the lens of who Jesus is, maybe my goals would look more than cliché… healthy eating, exercising etc. Maybe I’ll simply consider what could look different in life. Knowing that Jesus came to save me, not judge me will give me the new perspective I need. Or that he pursued ministering to the outcasts and nobodies while he was here. 

Oh! We look to the Son
Set our eyes on our Saviour
See the image of love
Sing His praises forever

  • Hillsong Worship, Look to the Son  

In a season of elaboration, yet humility, we can see how God wrapped both these elements in one in the form of a baby destined for greatness. We look to the New Year to its possibilities and its challenges, but we know we are never without. Our hopes and expectations rest in the one that has given his Son to us. Jesus’ humble beginning can be a mirror for our humble beginnings this New Year. We are saved, forgiven and destined for great things through him. Let’s be hopeful for the year to come. 

From the inside out, you are doing beautiful work in this season that is worth acknowledging. No matter how small. If no one else has said it recently: I am proud of you. I am proud of you for committing to being present to this chapter in your story. I am proud of you for choosing to breathe deep and welcome the grace. There is so much more ahead and your faithfulness here matters.

  • Morgan Harper Nichols 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11    

Our song today is Look to the Son by Hillsong Worship.

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  1. Thank you Brittany. I loved the MHN Quote. It is uplifting to realize God can be proud of our big and small efforts. The verse in Jeremiah is such a wonderful reminder that He has it all under control!

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