January 25 – Looking Ahead

I have come to give you everything in abundance…”
John 10:10

Marking an almost year anniversary of this pandemic, it feels lately that more is being asked of us. The constant stream of news and updates makes you wish you never had to hear of this again! I received a wedding invitation in the mail the other day, and I thought of years gone by that I’ve attended various gatherings. I asked myself if things will look different this June- needless to say my friend is hoping so! Some say our lives will never look the same again, but it’s hard to entertain that thought. Perseverance is what is being asked of us again, and planning for uncertainty is becoming extremely waning. Although, I hope our summer starts to look a bit more normal, in the times that we wait, perhaps we can ask ourselves different questions. Questions that are not centered on what we do, or what we may plan, but who we truly are. Who will we be once out of the pandemic? It is easy to fall into cynicism, and disbelief. I hope to rise above pettiness and believe that our perspective can win over any negativity. I hope you choose to focus not on the bitterness of politics, or contribute to the hamster wheel of defeat, yet rise to the abundance of what is already in front of you and within you. Because the physical isn’t all that we are.

Abundance is what happens when you stop needing more and you wake up to the all that you are.”
The Practice Co.

We have lost control in things that have created happiness in us this year, (time spent with others, significant gatherings, and extra-curricular activities), but we haven’t lost the control of our minds and emotions. Our power is found in gratitude and the foundation of who we are, and the knowledge of who God created us to be. Our abundance is found by living in the present, and feeling the emotions as they come.

We’re going to be busy again. We will have more time with our families, and friends. I simply would like to encourage you this week, that as difficult as some moments can be, we have made it this far, and although it feels at a loss, our power and courage is being stretched. We all feel as though we are living in survival mode, with the hoping that each week would bring something new. Our stretching is developing in us a deeper character and perseverance that we never thought we had to walk through. I’m praying that you’d hold onto hope, and focus on the good. As the pandemic heals, know that we’re all in this together.

If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment”
Neale Donald Walsch

[God] lifted me out of the miry pit, the slimy clay, and set my feet on a rock, steadied my legs.”
Psalm 40:2

5 Replies to “January 25 – Looking Ahead”

  1. Because I did not want to go down the same “rabbit hole”
    that I slipped into the first time we were shut down by Covid precautions, I am mindful of what I have learned to help myself.
    I had to throw myself at Jesus’ feet and fervently ask for help in coping, while living alone. I prayed more (ie. talking to Him while going about life’s necessities) and I felt the need to spend a lot more time in reading and considering what God was saying to me through His Word.

    God met me where I was at and He gave me strength and courage to persevere. I have learned so much that I hadn’t focused on before.

    Being out of doors, listening to music, eating more healthily
    have all helped. (I wish that I could add daily exercising, but
    I still have that “joy” to conquer”!)

    Presently, each week, I am trying to choose one small thing to add to my daily regimen. This week, it is drinking eight glasses of water a day and going to bed earlier – already done by many people!
    I have discovered that accomplishing small goals, I feel better about myself, strengthening my resolve to move forward, confidently believing that God will help me to keep on succeeding and growing.
    Editors: I have written entirely too much, and most of it people already know. I’m not telling them anything new.
    God helped me out of a very deep depression and I am so grateful for His continuing help.
    I am not expecting you to publish this and that is OK, but
    I have written so much that I hate to delete it.

    Continuing to wish you, your readers and writers well,
    Shirley Knowles

  2. Attitude and gratitude, that is what it all comes down to. We have so much to be grateful for. God IS Good ALL the time. Chin up, this to shall pass.

  3. Thank you Brittany AND Shirley..you have no idea how much I needed to see those words.
    Shirley, i am the opposite to you. I fared well during the first lockdown and crumbled during this one.
    So I really needed to be reminded of what needs to be done to turn this around. Thank you to both of you.❤❤

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