Love check-up – 1 Corinthians 13:1-8

This passage serves us well when we ask this question………”In the past week….”

  1. Did I consistently show patience with others?
  2. Would people be able to affirm that I demonstrated kindness?
  3. Was there any time when I felt a measure of resentment for the good things that were happening in the life of someone else?
  4. Did I find myself needing to tell others of my accolades or accomplishments?
  5. Was there any point at which I felt anger because things weren’t going my way?
  6. Did I find myself angry over something that, in retrospect, was not all that significant?
  7. Was there a point at which I found myself wanting to re-live the resentment I felt towards someone who had caused hurt in my life?
  8. Was there a moment when I wished someone would get what I believe they deserved?
  9. Did I, at any point, find myself struggling to be truthful in a difficult situation?
  10. Was there a time when I felt I wanted to give up on something or someone?
  11. Did I find myself wondering whether or not I could really trust God?
  12. Was there a time when, in thought or conversation, I found myself being overly pessimistic?
  13. Did I find myself wanting to drop a responsibility I carried?

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