Christmas Services

DEC 24TH – 3 pm service with full kids
programming for children from Nursery to Grade 4 in Kids Cove.
DEC 24TH – 5 pm service no children’s program or nursery.
DEC 29TH – 11:00 service only.

Pastor Search Committee (PSC)

You can view the Pastor Profile
on our Careers page by clicking this link >>> HERE.

There are three ways to connect with the PSC.
1. Talk to us in person.
2. Submit a question in the “Got Questions” box in the Foyer.
3. Send us an email @

We would be glad to answer your questions!

Join us before service each Sunday in the sanctuary
to pray for your search committee and our new Pastor.
As of Sunday September 8, 2019 we will have two
services. The PSC invites you to pray with us at
9:15am and 10:45am.

Love check-up – 1 Corinthians 13:1-8

This passage serves us well when we ask this question………”In the past week….”

  1. Did I consistently show patience with others?
  2. Would people be able to affirm that I demonstrated kindness?
  3. Was there any time when I felt a measure of resentment for the good things that were happening in the life of someone else?
  4. Did I find myself needing to tell others of my accolades or accomplishments?
  5. Was there any point at which I felt anger because things weren’t going my way?
  6. Did I find myself angry over something that, in retrospect, was not all that significant?
  7. Was there a point at which I found myself wanting to re-live the resentment I felt towards someone who had caused hurt in my life?
  8. Was there a moment when I wished someone would get what I believe they deserved?
  9. Did I, at any point, find myself struggling to be truthful in a difficult situation?
  10. Was there a time when I felt I wanted to give up on something or someone?
  11. Did I find myself wondering whether or not I could really trust God?
  12. Was there a time when, in thought or conversation, I found myself being overly pessimistic?
  13. Did I find myself wanting to drop a responsibility I carried?