November 5 – Heart to heart

Listening to a sermon earlier in the week, I’m reminded that God can handle the full weight of what we’re dealing with. At times, it’s difficult to envision a God so present, and so in-tune when we can’t physically see him. As God knows our every lives’ detail, I’ve learned that he longs to hear the authenticity of our hearts, as raw and real as they may be. But at times our rants and longings get poured in other directions of our lives. A better idea is to bring these frustrations to God, as we know they are all going to come out one way or another! And God can handle our realities.

“Give it to me straight”, is the saying. In a sense, a prompt to be real, authentic, to tell someone how it really is. Maybe as Canadians we tend to sugar coat our responses, or politely communicate our feelings. And in personal experience, I found my prayer life to mirror that. Whether in writing or in prayer time, there would be a tendency to make my requests sound nice. But in my own personal mindset, that’s really not how I felt. There were times that left me frustrated, defeated, and lost for words.

As there are times to sink into God’s joy, and faithfulness, there are times to dig deep and explore our hurts and in turn express them. But if we’re being real with ourselves, that’s not where our hearts lie. If we dug down deep, we’d find some pain and perhaps even anger.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
Philippians 4:6 NIV

When we let our requests be made known to God like this—in the devotion of prayer, in many specific requests for help, with a heart that is thankful for everything God designs for us, the pleasures and the pain—then his peace will guard our minds and free us from anxiety in a way that defies mere rational explanation; it surpasses all understanding.
Desiring God, John Piper

Bring all to God in prayer.
We find fulfillment and freedom when we’re able to simply talk with God candidly about our struggles. As God longs to hear about the depths of our soul, he longs to bless us with the peace that comes in quieting in prayer with him. I’m learning as I go, but hoping you’ll also be encouraged by the reminder to release your worries and detailed wonderings to God. He knows, cares, and as always, longs to free us in anyway.

Prayer is for turning the tide, for changing the seeming course of history.”
David Mathis

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